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With world-class research faculty also committed to excellence in teaching, Emory College inspires students of all economic strata to expand their potential beyond Emory’s campus and go forth to create positive change in the world. As competition in the academic marketplace grows, scholarship support becomes of utmost importance and we cannot do it without your support.

When you support the Scholarship Endowment Initiative at Emory College of Arts and Sciences, you have the power to change – in perpetuity – our ability to attract and provide financial backing for the most ambitious and talented students. And now, thanks to a generous match, your investment can work even harder. Gifts of $50,000 or more to endow or augment scholarships will be matched on an escalating scale, magnifying your generosity to yield greater benefits for students. 


The Match

Gifts to endowment will be matched as follows:
The scholarship match $250,000 - $1,000,000 or more will be matched 2 to 1 $100,000 - $249,999 will be matched 1.5 to 1 $50,000 - $99,999 will be matched 1 to 1

The time is now to Seed the Future


The Endowment and Emory College

Endowments make up the root system of a university, helping it stand through unpredictable times when other sources of revenue may waver. While Emory donors are generous donors, investment in scholarships is lagging far behind our peers. Only 6 percent of undergraduate scholarship funding comes from earnings from endowment, compared with an average of 30.6 percent among our peers. Your support can transform these statistics, empowering us to compete for talented students who make Emory unique and go on to become ambassadors who lead innovation in their careers.

percentage of undergraduate scholarship funding from endowment earnings

Leverage the generosity of others to create exponential impact.

As the intellectual home of most undergraduate students on campus, Emory College depends upon the philanthropic support of alumni and friends to address the skyrocketing expenditures for student aid. To remain attractive to high-caliber students who have a world of options before them, we must further Emory’s commitment to academic excellence and invest in endowed scholarships that give back in perpetuity. Generous donors who believe in the future of Emory College have created an unparalleled opportunity to endow scholarships by matching gifts on an escalating scale that magnifies donors’ generosity and creates exponential impact. 

Thanks to their support, you can create an endowed scholarship at Emory College with a minimum gift of $50,000.  This endowment allows you to name a scholarship and create a powerful legacy in the College. Now is the time to invest in scholarships at Emory College. 



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Rhonda Davidson

Executive Director
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