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The time is now to Seed the Future


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Your investment in Goizueta today will cultivate the next generation of principled business leaders.


Emory’s Goizueta Business School offers a unique, community-oriented environment paired with the academic prestige of a major research institution. Ranked among the world’s best for career opportunities, Goizueta trains the business leaders of today and tomorrow. 


Our graduates are positively impacting the marketplace, and our alumni become increasingly influential as they advance in their careers.

The time is now to Seed the Future


The Endowment and Goizueta Business School

Endowments make up the root system of a university, helping it stand through unpredictable times when other sources of revenue may waver. While Emory donors are generous donors, investment in scholarships is lagging far behind our peers. Only 6 percent of undergraduate scholarship funding comes from earnings from endowment, compared with an average of 30.6 percent among our peers. Your support can transform these statistics, empowering us to compete for talented students who make Emory unique and go on to become ambassadors who lead innovation in their careers.

Percentage of undergrads
Emory University Endowment
Goizueta Business School Endowment

Alumni and friends have a unique opportunity to build upon Goizueta’s success within academic and business communities. A healthy endowment for scholarship support is necessary to help sustain academic excellence reflecting the principles of our namesake, Roberto C. Goizueta. Funding the scholarship endowment also enables collaboration across departments and strengthens our partnerships and influence in the business community. 

Connected alumni and business partners who contribute to Goizueta’s endowment means a stronger competitive position to attract the brightest students and the best faculty. 

The Emory Endowment and Goizueta Business School

The Emory endowment is often misunderstood. Many assume that the endowment means Emory has few budget constraints. In reality, Emory’s use of its pooled funds is limited by several significant factors, especially restrictions on use imposed by donors, which Emory must honor. This means that Emory must ensure that the original amount of the gift (the corpus) remains unspent. In turn, Emory must also use the cash generated from these gifts for the designated intent. As a prudent measure, Emory spends only a percentage of that cash and reinvests the rest so that we can continue to fuel these programs well into the future. At Goizueta Business School, our portion of the Emory endowment totaled $125.8 million in 2015, of which, Emory distributed $6 million to the Goizueta budget per the 2015 investment strategy in which we spent 4.75% of the endowment and reinvested the remainder of the earnings to continue to grow our long-term resources.

Average annual distribution


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