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At the James T. Laney School of Graduate Studies, we are committed to graduate education that provides students with deep expertise in their chosen fields, creativity to cross disciplinary boundaries, and courage to take on the most important problems of our time. Upholding that commitment requires fellowship packages that match or exceed those offered by peer institutions.

Investment in Laney Graduate School’s fellowship endowment helps attract the best students, who in turn draw the best faculty. Members of our distinguished faculty advance excellence and innovation because they have access to students who are pushing the boundaries of their fields. Support from philanthropic partners is what makes that possible.

Today’s graduate students are tomorrow’s intellectual leaders. We expect our students to discover the unexpected, challenge conventions, and articulate bold new perspectives. In return, we commit ourselves to providing each and every one of them with the support needed to succeed at Emory and beyond.

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Endowment and Laney Graduate School

Endowment gifts make up the root system of the Laney Graduate School, helping it stand through unpredictable times when other sources of revenue—such as research support or federal funding—waver. Because they are invested, endowment gifts help sustain teaching and research.

Outstanding students from all disciplines are drawn to the Laney Graduate School for the opportunity to work with faculty members renowned in their fields. Endowment gifts improve our ability to compete for the best graduate students, contribute to faculty retention, and fortify the university’s research efforts.

How endowment works

Funds in an endowment are invested for life. A portion of the return on investment is used according to the fund’s allocated purpose, while the remainder is reinvested into the principal sum to create market growth. An endowment serves immediate needs and creates financial security for the future.

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