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At Emory University School of Law, we are committed to providing an extraordinary legal education. Our students acquire extensive knowledge of the law and valuable skills to take into legal practice, and they graduate with the desire to apply their knowledge and skills as citizens of the world.

In preparing our students to enter the legal profession, we recognize that their success depends not only on the quality of the training they receive but also on their ability to pursue a career without the burden of education debt.

A healthy scholarship endowment serves Emory Law’s mission to make a legal education affordable for all qualified students, regardless of means. Because our endowment lags behind those of peer institutions, building Emory Law’s endowment is critical to attracting the best students in a highly competitive market.

Scholarship endowments help Emory Law create a diverse community of legal scholars and position students to make an immediate, positive impact upon graduation. Seed the Future by investing in Emory Law’s scholarship endowment today.

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The Endowment and Emory Law

Endowment gifts establish the root system of Emory Law, helping it endure unpredictable times when other sources of revenue waver.

Compared to other top 20 schools, Emory Law's endowment is quite modest—approximately $43 million—compared to the endowments of peer schools, which range from $69 million to $299 million. Your generosity is vital to helping Emory grow its endowment.

How endowment works

Funds in an endowment are invested for life. A portion of the return on investment is used according to the fund's allocated purpose, while the remainder is reinvested into the principal sum to create market growth. An endowment serves immediate needs and creates financial security for the future.

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